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Services - GIS Applications & Digital Data Capture

GIS or Geographic Information Systems are computer-based systems that provide mechanisms for data organisation & analysis, and rapid visualisations of georeferenced data (commonly referred to as spatial data)

GIS Applications

  • At AUSMEC we provide GIS applications for mining exploration and other land uses - e.g. rural, environmental, land development.

  • Included in these applications are data management, manipulation, interpretation and presentation - including database design and setup.

Digital Data Capture

  • Specialising in spatial vector data
  • Geological data digitising & general digitising
  • Exploration data capture
  • Elevation data capture

Digital mapping involves the use of various software programs to:

Generate digital map data from non-digital formats such as paper copies; store, modify and manipulate digital files; display map data on screen, and produce various outputs such as PDF or printed maps.

Complex GIS/Geological Mapping                                         Topographic Mapping

Summary Gold/Silver assays                                                     Geological Cross Section

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The aim of GIS is to enhance decision making
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