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Services - Graphic Design, Websites & Presentation

The organisation and graphical display of abstract data into a form that is instantly recognisable offers powerful means of communications and can portray many ideas and information at a glance.

We specialise in the graphical representation of digital data > Lochgraphics

Graphic Design

  • We offer effective, innovative design solutions for your marketing and promotional projects including design of logos and branding, business cards, stationery and letterheads, print ads and flyers, brochures, catalogues, website design and construction, posters, annual reports and prospectuses, artwork and illustration.
  • Pre-press - Design, layout, colour separation, camera-ready artwork and final product production.

Website Design and Construction

Having an online presence is essential for any business in today's digital world.  It is often the first port of call for any prospective customer or investor, and should be integrated seamlessly with the company's brand for full effect.  We design and maintain websites in all types of business including many ASX listed company's. We offer:

  • Website design and construction
  • Domain and website hosting
  • Website  maintanence, updates and re-design
  • Digital brochures, invites promotions for email embedding
  • IT support

Presentation & Display

  • Powerpoint displays
  • Printed and promotional material
  • Posters and conference displays
  • 3D graphics / models
  • Maps and diagrams for announcements and presentations


Cartography or map making, is the organisation of a set of points, lines and areas all defined by a position with reference to a coordinate system and by their non-spatial attributes (such as colour, line style symbol etc.).

  • At AUSMEC we provide cartography and drafting (computer-based and manual) for exploration, environment, engineering, general, mapping, surveying, rural and other land use.
  • Production of high quality maps, plans, figures, posters & displays

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